IPTV - cable TV over the Internet, which can be accessed anywhere there is a fixed or wireless connection to the Internet. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) - a new generation of television, that is a new way of distributing television programs. Using your existing Internet line to your device receives a TV signal High luminance quality, ready for a full two-way interactive multimedia content provided by IPTV. On your home TV can watch all the channels connecting the box. The picture quality on your TV kompyuterskih devices and receivers depends on the speed and quality of Internet connection. And that's not all! If you have a PC - simply by downloading and installing the player, you can watch your favorite TV channels wherever you are - you only need the Internet. If you have any one of gadgets, mobile phones with different platforms, I-ped and I-Pod, Nokia, HTC, then just go to the link for your phone, we can be with you always and everywhere, because our player support OS, Symbian and Android platforms. You can use our players to read books, browse the daily newspapers, play games, always and everywhere to be informed "up to second". Large selection of channels of local and regional TV stations and TV channels tokzhe sports, entertainment and educational content, all your favorite TV and radio stations.

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If you can not watch your favorite series, when her show, you can watch it later, when you are best suited. The biggest of the basic program package includes 50 local and regional television in Italy and the region, and many of your favorite channels and some foreign entertainment channels of music content. Online TV Guide - your personal guide through the program guide Manage all options Tv Italia Live through an interactive user interface with the remote control. Full program guide for all channels, a few days ahead, with detailed information about a broadcast program. With the search parameters, the organization and selection of channels, create your own TV program. Automatic switching between programs Select the transfer that you want to look in the nearest 7 days and channels will switch themselves at the time, when you start the selected program.